Released on : 13-10-2017

Cast :  Andrew Garfield, Claire Foy, Hugh Bonneville

Director : Andy Serkis

Producer : Jonathan Cavendish

Music: Nitin Sawhney

Cinematographer: Robert Richardson

Breathe (2017) Movie Review:

Serkis achieves a careful balance with a film that tastefully covers some delicate territory. Read

The performances and the inherent power of the true story keep it from being a complete disaster, but one hopes Serkis moves on to more challenging material with his follow-up. Read

It’s a whopper of a performance from Garfield, and one that moves deftly through gradations of acceptance and hidden agonies.Read More

Most of the plaudits belong to Claire Foy, who brings a finely-judged mix of concern, compassion and bloody-minded determination to the role of Diana.Read More

A punishingly twee instructional biopic, in which a testing human life is boiled down into the screen equivalent of a non-prescription pick-me-up.Read More

There’s an energy and optimism here which belie the grim subject matter and Serkis knows just how to tweak our heart strings when it comes to the final reel.Read More