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Novitiate Hollywood Movie Review


Novitiate tells the story of Cathleen (Margaret Qualley) a young girl who finds her first love, God and decides to enter the convent to begin the process of becoming a nun. Despite the grueling and something cruel process enacted by the Reverend Mother (Melissa Leo), she works her way through all while struggling with sexuality, religion, love, and passion. Set in the 1960s, the girls are well on their way to becoming nuns when the Vatican II changes are enacted in the church. This would drastically change the way the nuns would be treated and act on a daily basis. No one was more resistant to the change than Reverend Mother. Confronted with these changes, she did her best to resist and at times, took her anger out on the young girls. Read More@Weliveentertainment

Novitiate’s strengths include strong performances by Qualley and Leo, along with a superb supporting cast including Morgan Saylor, Liana Liberato, and Maddie Hansson as fellow members of Cathleen’s class, also subject to borderline torture in the name of building faith and character. Similar to the hazing drama Burning Sands, also screening at Sundance, those that are in power default to the standard response of “I also had to go through that” to justify the treatment. Read More@Thefilmstage

“Novitiate” as her first feature film and took off with the Breakthrough Director’s award for this very film. “Novitiate” is a mature, thought-provoking, study of the women in the fifties and sixties who choose to be brides of Christ as postulants in a Tennessee Convent. This is a strict order run with an iron fist by the Mother Superior, a person of mighty strong beliefs and with emotions that make you wonder whether she would smash a reluctant newcomer in the face for questioning her.Read More@shockya

Cathleen was 12 years old when an opportunity came to join a Catholic school for free of charge. Her mother did not want to decline such an offer, but failed to predict the consequences. The consequences though could barely be considered grave for a mother who gives up her daughter for the Love to God. Cathleen, as she grows sixteen years old faces the biggest challenge as she must learn to love herself, God, and follow all strict rules dictated by an evil Mother Reverend (Melissa Leo), who sees every nun through, as if she would see herself through them.Read More@Moviemovesme

The film’s most effective and mesmerizing scenes take place in the weekly meetings held by the Reverend Mother as she demands the young novitiates step forward into a circle to confess their imperfections. The abusive corrections inflicted by the Reverend Mother challenge a collective sense of decency that the younger generation insists mustn’t be lost in a life and devotion of being married to Christ. Rather, they argue, it is because of their religious convictions that a collective sense of decency must be cultivated and celebrated. It’s a natural and riveting setup that pays off magically. Read More @ Film-book

It’s also really good. Both as an in-depth, almost documentary-level showcase of its subject matter and as a character study of Cathleen and the Reverend Mother. It treats its subject very seriously, while also giving us a lot of time to learn who its two most prominently featured characters are, what motivates them, and what they’re feeling. While it can be tough to watch at times, it’s a fascinating movie that manages to make what could have been a dull subject interesting and engaging enough to justify its two-hour running time.Read More@Cinemarter

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