Released on : 22-09-2017

Banner : Bold Films

Cast : Jake Gyllenhaal,Tatiana Maslany,Miranda Richardson,Clancy Brown

Music : Michael Brook

Director : David Gordon Green

Producers : Jake Gyllenhaal,Michel Litvak,Scott Silver,Todd Lieberman,David Hoberman

Cinematography : Sean Bobbitt

Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana Maslany both deliver top-notch performances in the inspirational Stronger as the film defines what it means to be Boston Strong. Where some biopics lean towards the melodramatic route, Stronger doesn’t and it’s all the better for

Stronger may not say anything knew about being suddenly thrust into the spotlight and overcoming adversity. How David Gordon Green delivers this truism is what makes the movie so magical, and

Jake Gyllenhaal has brought us another stellar performance in Stronger as Jeff Bauman, a victim of the Boston Marathon

Stronger is the story of Jeff Bauman, the man who lost both legs in the Boston Marathon bombing and became a hero to the entire

verall, Stronger shows us that humanity is more powerful than patriotism or