Metabolism plays an important role in health and weight . Having a fast metabolism will help to digest and burn fat in a short time, even when sleeping. Instead, a slow metabolism can hinder weight loss. This process allows the body to absorb the nutrients that are obtained through food and becomes energy necessary for the body to perform vital functions. So this list of foods can contribute to the cause. Take note!


Lentils are legumes that in addition to being nutritious will provide a mineral, which is basic for various functions of the body. They are even rich in fiber, which helps keep the digestive system in top condition. Of all the virtues, the lentils can accelerate and maintain the metabolism correctly . They also contribute to building muscle mass, avoiding the risk of cardiovascular disease and minimizing blood cholesterol .


Chile is known worldwide for its characteristic flavor. And although there are multiple varieties, this food means more than a complement of meals, as it brings great benefits. Chilies contain a substance (capsaicin), which allows to accelerate the metabolism and if combined with other foods their effect may be greater .


In general, fruits are rich in antioxidants and most contribute very few calories. However, the grape is a fruit that helps to accelerate the metabolism thanks to its components like vitamins and minerals. So it could be taken as natural as sanck or in juices to keep you satiated and the body working perfectly.


Chia seeds are a great support in weight loss, since they act as a gel in the stomach that provides satiety. Even, they are very nutritious, being ideal to accelerate and improve the metabolism and, to be healthy . Try to start the day with one or two teaspoons. Just let them soak one night before to make the most of them.

Now that you know some foods that you can include in the daily diet, it is important that you also pay attention to the habits, since this will be the ideal complement to accelerate the metabolism and, therefore, that the body is healthy with the right weight .