In August of this year, Google launched a first beta version of the new Android application development app, Android Studio 3.0.

As a good beta, it had improvements over the previous program but was also more unstable. Today, along with the new version of the operating system on Google have decided to launch the stable version of Android Studio 3.0 that can now be downloaded.

This iteration has as a priority to accelerate the development of the applications and to make the users much more productive than before. For this, there are three important blocks of news.

New problem diagnosis

One of the most important, and frustrating, parts of Android development is bug checking. Not only do you need to know whether or not there are bugs, but where they are and how to correct them.

Android Studio 3.0 gives more tools to do it to developers, including new screen displays with new ratios, new densities, and more configurable parameters.

Support for Kotlin

Finally, the support for this programming language is official and finally integration with JAVA is given in the IDE. This will make it much easier for developers to use this language.

New programming aids

We will have new tools and aids to more quickly implement the changes in using the new Android Oreo APIs.

Among them are the integration of Android Things in the program itself and also the possibility of creating Instant Apps, which seems to be starting to have some relevance even on Google Play.

In addition to these major changes, there are many new features and minor modifications that will affect the daily work of developers with this version of Android Studio.