ClixSense is undoubtedly one of the best options you’ll find to make money online for free. This page carries online 2007 and has paid more than 27 million dollars among all its users.

Since its launch, ClixSense has always been considered as a PTC (paid to click or pay per click) page. Since July 2017, this has ceased to be the case . This has been motivated by the new rules of PayPal (the payment processor most used on this page) where PTC business does not allow, with high levels of referrals and memberships. Due to this the ClixSense administrator has been “forced” to take measures to recover the PayPal account, which is the main source of income for this platform.

Currently on this page you can continue to earn money but only through surveys, crowdsourcing tasks and offers .



Registration and first steps in ClixSense

ClixSense allows the registration and use of its platform to users around the world . Still do not have an account on this excellent platform? Register now for free , for it click on the following button to access the registration form directly.

 Sign up for FREE on ClixSense

The record has no difficulty and will not take more than 1 minute. You just have to fill out a form like the one you see below:


Clixsense: SURVEYS and TASKS for users around the world

Once filled you should take a look at your email since you will receive a confirmation email. I always advise using Gmail  in the registers to avoid problems of reception and confirmation of records.

How to earn money in ClixSense

In this platform you can earn money for free by conducting surveys , offers and tasks .

Clixsense: SURVEYS and TASKS for users around the world

» Paid surveys

Paid surveys should be one of the main sources of income you get on this platform. In the «Surveys» section you will have access to all the survey panels associated with ClixSense .

Clixsense: SURVEYS and TASKS for users around the world

You just have to click on each of the panels and if there are surveys that fit your profile you can access and complete them. The compensation you will receive will depend on the type of panel where you complete the survey as you can see in the image above.

If you manage to complete the survey , when you finish you must click on the green button ‘YES’ to be assigned the compensation. In some cases the money will not be reflected instantly.

Clixsense: SURVEYS and TASKS for users around the world

In addition, apart from these fixed panels of surveys, throughout the day you will receive invitations to exclusive surveys . When there is one available, you will normally receive an email advising you. You will also receive an alert in the ClixAddon . Still I recommend you visit the site several times a day so you do not miss anything .

Clixsense: SURVEYS and TASKS for users around the world

Usually, these invitations will be better paid than the surveys you can perform on the fixed panels. Of course, they will only be available for a limited time and will have a maximum number of participations , you must be attentive!

As tips for choosing to complete more surveys:

Fill your profile 100% and make sure you have all panels active and for all devices , both mobile and computer. You can do this from the “Preferences” section . In this way, in addition to classic computer surveys, you can receive exclusive surveys for mobile devices and tablets.

Clixsense: SURVEYS and TASKS for users around the world

Do not give up, click on the panels several times throughout the day .

» Panels offers (Offers Walls)

Within the ” Offers” section  you can earn money by completing offers in different external panels. You will find popular panels such as  Peanut Labs, TrialPay, Matomy, OfferToro and many more . In these offers panels you can get money by downloading mobile applications, listening to the radio, completing records, viewing videos, playing games …

Clixsense: SURVEYS and TASKS for users around the world

If you allow me a tip: visit the Peanut Labs offers panel every day , always have one or several surveys available.

»  CrowdSourcing tasks

The tasks or mini-jobs, whatever you want to call it, can become an important source of income . As with any task or crowdsourcing job, you will be rewarded in relation to your dedication and effort .


In the «Task» section you will find the CrowdFlower wall  (popular crowdsourcing platform) where you will be paid for completing small tasks and mini-jobs. The only disadvantages are that you must know a little English or use translators since the vast majority of these tasks will be in this language.

Clixsense: SURVEYS and TASKS for users around the world

The tasks for you to get an idea can consist of reading an article and saying which is its author, search Google and look at the positioning of a particular page, enter and categorize products and many more.

You must know…

For every $ 50 you earn by completing tasks, ClixSense will reward you with $ 5 extra .

It is important to take them seriously and do them as best as possible because the CrowdFlower platform has a system of levels that you will advance if you meet certain requirements and your percentage of success is high. And of course, the more level more tasks you will have and available and the better paid you will be. If you are interested in the system of tasks of  CrowdFlower I invite you to visit this article that I wrote more in depth, click here to access .

Finally, if you are a task addict and you are good at it, you are in luck since ClixSense awards weekly to the 10 people who have done the most tasks successfully during that week . The prizes to which you can choose are the following:

  First place$ 50 .

 >  Second place$ 20 .

 >  Third place10 $ .

 >  Fourth and fifth place $ 5 each.

  From sixth place to tenth2 $ to each one.

What is the ClixSense Daily CheckList Bonus ?

This daily bonus will reward active users with a percentage of 10% extra on the profits obtained that day .

Clixsense: SURVEYS and TASKS for users around the world

As you can see yourself in the previous image, to complete this bonus you will need :

Complete 10 tasks or 2 offers / surveys (can be combined).

 Visit the ClixSense forum (with entering and leaving is enough).

With the completed actions previously unlocked the daily bonus of 6%. To qualify for the maximum bonus (10%) you must also:

 Have ClixAddon active at least one hour a day.

Have completed the basic daily bonus at least 3 consecutive days .

Referral system  in ClixSense

This page has a simple but  excellent referral system . You will earn a commission of 20% of all the profits that your referrals obtain by conducting surveys and tasks. You will also earn $ 2 extra for each referral that reaches its first $ 5 , as simple as that.

The referral system is limited to referrals only of the first level , that is, your direct referrals.

Minimum and payment terms in ClixSense

In order to request a payment and thus withdraw your balance you must accumulate a minimum amount of $ 10 .

Currently you can request the withdrawal using Payza , Payoneer , Skrill and TangoCard . Soon you will also probably re-implement the PayPal option .  

Payments will be made in order of arrival , that is, ClixSense will make a certain amount of payments every day, but the waiting time will depend on the number of requests that are waiting. To give an approximate term according to my experience,  the payments usually take 5-7 days on average , I repeat, according to my experience.

ClixSense PAY – Proof of payment

Because I have been on this page for many years and I have so many payments, I will show the highest payment I have requested until the date in ClixSense.

Clixsense: SURVEYS and TASKS for users around the world