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Decentralized applications (Dapps) increasingly arise with greater impact and creativity. One of them is CryptoKitties , which consists of a set of collectible kittens that can be bred, bought and sold, among other things. The curious thing about this application is not only the concept based on blockchain, but the impact it had on the crypto ecosystem. Today it is among the first two applications with the largest number of transactions in the ethereum network.

The CryptoKittie Genesis


This curious application was created by Axiom Zen and the first version was revealed and improved as a challenge in the famous Ethereum hackathon Eth Waterloo in November of this year.

How does the game work?

Basically Cryptokitties are collectible digital cats within the Ethereum network. Among the activities that can be done within this application are:

  • Buy CryptoKitties
  • Sell ​​CryptoKitties
  • Raising CryptoKitties
  • Giving CryptoKitties
  • Rent your CryptiKittie so that it reproduces with another

## Generations

Of the characteristics that must be considered to buy, sell or perform any other action within this game is the “Generation” of each of the CryptoKitties. That is, each one is part of a genealogical line that starts from 0. Generation 0 is the only one that does not have parents and later, when raising two kittens, the following ones become genre 1 or 2 … etc depending on the combination of generations that It is done when raising them.

A curious and promising fact is that only CryptoKitties generation 0 will be created until November 2018


Another important aspect to consider are the attributes to which they are called within the Cattributes game. This refers to the qualities that define each CryptoKittie as unique. These include color, type of eyes, eyebrows, patterns, among others … However there are other attributes that are not necessarily visible but important to value them in the market. To be more precise, each CryptoKittie has a genotype, a 256-byte DNA.

There are online resources that already contain information about the types of DNA of the cryptokitties as well as their rarity.


The last important aspect of this game is the Cooldown which refers to the time it takes to recover a CryptoKittie once it is bred and played.

For every time a CryptoKittie plays, the Cooldown goes down.

How to buy a CryptoKittie

Start in this game is very simple.

  • Download Chrome browser
  • Install Extension MetaMask
  • Buy Ethereum
  • Send it to the MetaMask Portfolio
  • Login to
  • Make an account
  • Anchoring MetaMask portfolio
  • Buy a CryptoKittie

Beware, when buying CryptoKitties there is a small bug in which a message appears that the gas is very high. You have to reject the transaction, refresh the page and try again until that message does not appear.


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