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How to earn money online from home for FREE in 2018

How to earn money online from home for FREE in 2018

How to earn money online from home for FREE in 2018

Making money online is now a reality. There are hundreds of businesses, companies, pages and opportunities to get money online from the comfort of your home. I already got it, and you, are you encouraged?

 How to earn money online from home for FREE in 2018


First of all, you must be very clear that as in any job you must dedicate time , effort and be very consistent . Easy money and miracles do not exist. So if you have arrived here thinking that you are going to learn to get money from home in a short time and without any effort, I warn you from now, so you do not waste your time, NO .

If, on the other hand, you intend to take this seriously and want to start generating profits online , here you will find everything you need; constantly updated information, payment vouchers and lots of information about businesses, pages and platforms to earn free money.

As I said before, the Internet is a world full of opportunities and businesses to  earn money for free . Here, in El Cofre del Dinero,  although I will cover all those pages, platforms and businesses that allow the user to earn money in one way or another, I will pay more attention to those that allow it to be done for free. The most popular and free ways to earn money online are the following:

 Paid to Click pages to earn money watching ads.

 Survey panels to earn money by completing simple questionnaires and surveys.

 Tasks and mini-jobs to earn money doing small jobs and paid tasks.

 Free mobile applications to get benefits while you spend with your smartphone.

 Cashback system to save money on your purchases online.

 Affiliate platforms so you can monetize your website or blog.

These are just some of the ways to earn money that you will find here. I invite you to continue reading this post , perhaps it is something extensive but I assure you that once you read it completely you will have a very clear idea of ​​how to make money online, how this world works and what you need to get started.

 Who can make money online?

Anyone is trained and can start making money online, although not everyone gets it. In fact, the vast majority of people fail in their attempt due to their lack of perseverance and patience . As I said before, nobody gives anything, you must work and be constant to get results.

The main advantage of working online  is that you can start from scratch, without having to invest absolutely anything and above you can work from the comfort of your home, without schedules, without bosses and without major obligations that you impose.

 Is it necessary to be of legal age?

Although there are specific pages that only allow registration to people of legal age, a large percentage of the pages I promote are valid for people of any age and condition .

 Can you make money from any country?

Yes do not worry. Certainly there are specific countries where the page offer will be somewhat limited but there will always be pages and platforms that allow users from any country to work .

What do you need to start earning money from home?

To start earning money from home is not necessary to make any initial investment, but if you need to have some ‘tools’ essential.

 How to earn money online from home for FREE in 2018


 A computer . It does not matter if it is  desktop or laptop, it is totally indifferent. Neither will it matter if it is old or new, online businesses do not consume scarcely resources as a game or the execution of programs can consume.

 Internet connection . Slow or fast, but it is necessary to have Internet access to start.

 An email account which you will use to register on the different pages. I recommend  using Gmail. Other mail servers often give many problems when receiving notifications and important emails.

 Payment processor . You must have at least one account in one of the free payment processors that exist. The vast majority of pages that you will work pay their users through electronic payment processors.

 Desire to work , patience and dedication . Although this is not a tool but it will be just as necessary as having an Internet connection.

In addition to this, you will not need to have any computer knowledge beyond knowing how to use the aforementioned elements in a very basic way.

How much money is earned on the Internet?

Recurring question that any person who starts in Internet business is formulated. The truth is that the amount of money you earn or earn depends on many factors  and variables; time you spend, promotion methods, advanced knowledge in marketing and SEO, etc …

At the beginning you obviously will not generate much more than a few euros or dollars per month. This is something totally normal but that many people frustrate since they spend time and see little reward obtained.

 How to earn money online from home for FREE in 2018


I can only tell you that this world of making money online is very scalable and can be relatively easy to progress . With perseverance , work and knowledge you can convert the two figures that you currently earn in 4 figures in a matter of one or two years.

You do not limit yourself to working the pages and promoting them through social networks like SPAM, it is not very effective if you really want to earn an amount of money that allows you to live on this. If you allow me some tips :

 Create a free blog , be aware of all social networks and be  known .

When you get income, invest and acquire your own domain and hosting and create your own brand.

Watch tutorials, take free courses, look for information on SEO and positioning . It is essential that your website / blog appear in the first results of Google.

How to collect the money generated by Internet?

This is a question that I receive very often in the comments of the blog. It is understandable that someone who is new to this does not know how to receive the profits generated in the different pages.

At this point is when the payment processors come into play . These platforms are virtual banks where you can receive all the money that is generated in online pages and platforms.

Subsequently, these funds that you are gathering can be sent to your bank account , credit card or make purchases online.

Maybe it sounds like PayPal, it is the most famous and popular payment processor. In any case, it is highly recommended to have different payment processors in order to diversify and take advantage of the online pages and businesses since not all of them use PayPal to pay users.

Below you will see a list of the most used electronic payment processors used by the pages to send the money to the users. Obviously all of them are totally reliable and legal.


As I said earlier, the most popular and known payment processor in the world. Its main advantage is the possibility of paying thousands of online stores. More information “


The best alternative to PayPal. In constant growth. Debit card available and possibility of receiving and exchanging bitcoins for dollars or euros. More information “


Payment processor widely used in Latin America. Debit card available. More information “


This processor has very low fees. It is still not very well known but I think that over time it will gain prominence in online business. More information “


A reference in the world of online betting, casinos and brokers. Very competitive commissions. Receiving money with this processor has no commission for the recipient. More information “


The best wallet to operate with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Possibility of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, as well as exchanging them for euros or dollars and later transferring them to your bank account. More information “


Another popular purse to operate with Bitcoin. Its main advantage lies in the faucets, pages where you can get small fractions of bitcoins and receive them in this purse instantly and without commission. More information “

Better ways to  earn money  online


Currently  I think there are few people who doubt the possibility of making money from home . In addition, I can personally guarantee without any doubt that if you intend to make money from homewithout any difficulty and no need to spend, or invest any money from your pocket if you wish.

 How to earn money online from home for FREE in 2018

There are many different ways to start earning money . Then I will discuss the best and most effective ways so you can start generating your own benefits.

Paid surveys

One of my favorite ways to generate income online. Making money making surveys is very easy, you simply have to register, complete a profile of a pollster and wait to receive invitations to participate in surveys and market studies.  You should not invest money or time every day. Highlight ClixSense as one of the veteran pages (online since 2007) to earn money completing surveys and tasks valid for users around the world.

PTC pages

In this type of page you can mainly earn money by watching ads and clicking on them daily. They are known as PTC (Paid to Click or Pay per Click in Spanish) In this type of page the individual earnings are quite low although you can increase them considerably if you are able to form a large network of referrals. Highlight Neobux , online since 2008 makes it the reference and most veteran page of this sector.

Tasks and CrowdSourcing

The crowdsourcing world offers the possibility of working from home completing simple tasks and mini-jobs. The highlight of this interesting way of earning money is undoubtedly that individual work is especially rewarded. The amount of money you earn will depend solely and exclusively on the time and effort you dedicate.


Buy products, articles and services through the best platforms with Cashback . This system will return a percentage of the total amount spent on the purchase you have made, as simple as that. If you are a person who buys frequently online you should know and use this free method to save on your purchases.

Playing online

Earn money playing . Take advantage of fantastic page promotions such as Gratorama or Scratchmania  free bonuses, discount coupons and the best deals to play online and have the chance to get prizes and cash as well as having a fun time.

Mobile apps

Who does not have a smartphone today. Get profitability while you spend with your mobile or cell phone and start earning money. There are applications that will pay you simply for downloading, installing and playing games and free applications. Then I leave you the best applications to earn money .

Social networks

Surely use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram … If you are an influencer and have many followers you can earn money with your social interactions . Companies and brands pay users with a large number of followers to make publications promoting a service or products.


If you have a website or blog, take advantage of promoting businesses and platforms and earn money for each conversion. For each registration, registration or purchase you will earn a commission. Click on the link that you will see below to see the best affiliate platforms .


Immerse yourself in the Bitcoin , Ethereum or Litecoin world  and start winning your first satoshis with the best PTC and faucets of the moment. Or you can also choose to speculate with the ups and downs of value of this cryptocurrency to make profits with little effort.

Invest in the

best online platforms and get benefits. Forex, binary options, real estate investment, etc. Remember that any investment carries a risk, do not invest more than you are not willing to lose.

How to increase profits without investing money?

Most online pages and businesses usually offer an invitation or referral system . There are many types of compensation and not all referral systems are the same, but the most common are the following:

 Unique invitation:  you will be rewarded with points or a fixed amount of money when you invite a person and they complete a specific action. This invitation system is usually given on paid survey pages. When you invite a person and they complete their first successful survey, they usually reward the sponsor with a fixed commission.

 Referrals: everyone you invite and register on that page through your personal link. From the moment you register you will be part of your referral network and depending on the page, you will earn a percentage of all the profits generated .

 How to earn money online from home for FREE in 2018

If you want to earn a significant amount of money in the pages and online businesses it is very important that you work in the construction of an active network of referrals . The promotion and attainment of referrals and people who actively work on a page is not an easy task.

Personally and to serve as advice or recommendation I see practically necessary to have a website or blog if you really want to one day live on the money you generate on the Internet.

It is true that there are more affordable or at least simpler alternatives to start with. Social networks, especially Facebook and YouTube are a good alternative if you do not have the possibility to invest in a domain and hosting or do not have the time or knowledge to create and position a website from scratch.

Dangers and instability  in online business

With some exceptions, the world of online business and making money online is quite unstable. Scams, pages that close overnight, companies that stop paying their users … All that I mention are situations that unfortunately occur very frequently.

 How to earn money online from home for FREE in 2018



This is because many people use this type of business to profit at the cost of users creating pages and platforms that in a matter of months become a scam and waste time and money to the users who trusted it.

For your luck, more than 90% of the pages that I promote and therefore you will find in El Cofre del Dinero are totally free . This way if any of the pages becomes a scam you will not lose money.