Earn money

Making money watching ads and advertising on the Internet is possible. This is how the thousands of pages that exist known as PTC ( P aid T or C lick or what is the same, payment per click in Spanish) work. Some of the most notable characteristics of this type of business are the following:

 It will not be necessary to invest  money to start generating profits.

They are valid for users anywhere in the world .

The minimum payment of these pages is usually quite low (usually between $ 1 and $ 5) . This means that any type of user can earn money.

Without any risk

On the Paid to Click  pages you will never need to invest to generate or withdraw your earnings. In the opposite case, if they force you to pay or acquire any membership to be able to make a withdrawal, you run away.



Better pages to earn money watching ads

There are thousands of pages of this type. Dozens of new pages come to light daily. Despite this, I am not mistaken if I tell you that more than 75% of them within a few months close and make users lose a lot of time.


Personally, I prefer to concentrate my time and effort on veteran pages and complete them when I think it is convenient with a new page in which I see potential. I do not like to register in hundreds of pages which I know will soon become SCAM.

Currently I advise the following PTC pages to earn money by watching ads:

Accepted Countries : Accepts users from anywhere in the world.»Remuneration for ads : From 0.001 to 0.02 $ per display.

»Minimum to withdraw : You will need to collect at least $ 2 to request a payment.

»Payment method : Payza, PayPal and Perfect Money.

Accepted Countries : Accepts users from anywhere in the world.»Remuneration for ads : From 0.001 to 0.02 $ per display.

»Minimum to withdraw : You will need to collect at least $ 5 to request a payment.

»Payment method : Payza, Payeer, Perfect Money.


Accepted Countries : Accepts users from anywhere in the world.»Remuneration for ads : From 0.001 to 0.02 $ per display.

»Minimum to withdraw : You will need to collect at least $ 1 to request a payment.

»Payment method : Payza, PayPal, Bitcoin and Perfect Money.

How to make money watching ads

The operation of this type of pages is very simple. Simply click on the different ads you will have daily, view them for several seconds and solve a simple captcha. In this simple way you will be making money on this type of page.

Earn money watching ads and advertising

Mind you, do not think you’re going to earn hundreds of euros or dollars for simply clicking on ads. Normally the remuneration for each ads you visualize ranges from 0.001 to 0.02 $ . The value will depend largely on the duration of the display, that is, the higher ads will be better paid, obviously.

Did you expect to earn more? Do not be discouraged! To these earnings obtained by the ads you must add other sources of income that these pages offer; Surveys, offers, tasks, games and most importantly , referral system . Referrals will always provide a percentage of the amount generated by actions within the page.

 System of direct referrals: practically all of this type of business has a referral system. The so-called referrals are the people you invite to the page in question through your invitation link. This referral / invitation link will be found in your profile on the page or in the ‘Referred’ section or similar. The system of direct referrals, depending on the page, can be limited, unlimited and admit or not several levels.

 System of rented referrals: they are usually either bots or people who have registered directly on the page without a sponsor. The PTC pages usually offer this system of rented referrals so that people who do not have the possibility of creating a network can invest and buy referrals. Personally I do not recommend investing in rented referrals in new pages, if you want to buy rented referrals do it in veteran pages that have been online for many years.

So you know, use your social networks, Facebook groups or if you have a website or blog to promote these types of pages and start getting referrals.

How to collect the profits?

When withdrawing the generated profits you will need to use an electronic payment processor .

Creating an account in these electronic processors is completely free. It would be interesting and very useful to create accounts in all of them or at least in the most used.

In this type of PTC pages, the most used payment processors are the following:

 Payza : Without any doubt the best option to receive small payments of this type of pages.

 PayPal : Several years ago it was the most used. Currently, it is used less and less since its use policy does not look kindly on this type of pages that pay to see advertisements and advertising.

If you want more extensive analysis and information, I encourage you to visit the payment processorssection »

Opinions on making money watching ads and advertising on PTC pages

Excellent way to earn some money online. Since it is not necessary to make any type of investment, these types of pages are presented as a good opportunity without risks.

Dozens of new Paid to Click pages come out every day. And although there is no risk of losing money, if you can lose a lot of time in them. Because of this, I prefer to spend my time mostly working and promoting veteran pages . With this I do not mean that if I see a new page that you think is worthwhile, try your luck.

Finally, it is true that for a standard user without referrals this type of pages will report very few benefits. But you must bear in mind that by seeing several ads daily that will not take more than 2 or 3 minutes of your time you can generate 2, 3 or 5 dollars per month totally free. In addition perhaps for a European user, 5 dollars do not suppose hardly money but for a user of Venezuela or other countries of Latin America this amount if that can be of help.