Scotty Allen, a 38-year-old traveler and researcher, has posted only two videos on the platform in five months and already has more than 12 million views.

When Apple introduced its iPhone 7 in 2016, one of the biggest criticisms it received from users was the removal of the port of headphones.

Faced with this, many YouTube users attempted to integrate the connector and none successfully completed the mission, none other than Scotty Allen.

This 38-year-old computer engineer took 17 weeks to include a dedicated port to connect headsets to the smartphone, an adventure he shares on his YouTube channel in a video that spans over half an hour on his ” Strange Parts ” channel , but that in only five days it reached more than 2.5 million reproductions.

To complete this adventure, the former Google technician traveled to Shenzhen, China, where he spent much of his time during the last three years, in search of pieces of equipment to serve his projects, which not always they are as simple as he would like. “There were two parts that were really difficult.I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to connect the port electronically to the phone, there is not a single point that says ‘weld here’ on the iPhone, ” laughs Scotty Allen.

“The second difficult time was trying to figure out how to fit everything into the phone without getting something important or breaking something.” In fact, in his video shows how the screen of the telephone that was intervening suffered the consequences by the inclusion of the port.