A mobile is not just the hardware it carries. The screen, the processor, the amount of RAM. In the end, day to day is defined by the options, speed, and comfort offered by its physical part and its logical part (software). This is where manufacturers try to anticipate the needs of users and include extra features in their customization layer. They already showed it in the Huawei Mate 9, where the knuckles could be useful to carry out certain actions. And the same thing we see in the Huawei Mate 10.

Gestures with knuckles

Many manufacturers include gestures or actions that allow you to open applications, take screenshots or other issues quickly. Only the user is required to memorize this action to perform it comfortably. In the case of Huawei, and by the hand of Qeexo (developers of this system), it is possible to carry out all these actions with the knuckles of the hand.

This prevents gestures from being confused with others while using applications. And is that the knuckles are detected as different elements to the fingertips. Proof of this is the blue halo that will be drawn on the screen as a trace of movement. In addition, they are easier to remember due to the particularity of their use. This is what you can do with your knuckles in the Huawei Mate 10.

Smart capture

The Huawei Mate 10 has different options when it comes to taking screenshots with knuckles. Initially, you just have to make a double firm stroke on the screen to make a capture to use. But there are other useful options to capture much more space, or only what you want to highlight:

Double press: a capture is taken with what is seen at that moment on the screen. A capture to use.

Closed pattern: Draw a circle, square or any closed shape with the knuckle to capture it as an image on the screen. The menu that appears allows you to alternate between the shape drawn with the knuckle, a square, a circle or even a heart.

Double click with two knuckles: two strokes with two knuckles activates the video recording function of the screen. Very useful to capture in movement what is happening on the screen.

The pattern in S: if an S is drawn with the knuckle on the screen, an elongated capture is achieved. Automatically the screen scrolls down, capturing absolutely everything there is. Something really practical to capture a WhatsApp conversation or all the content of a web page that does not fit into a single portion of the screen.

Open applications

Another of the useful functionalities of the knuckles in Huawei Mate 10 is to open applications without looking for them. From the Control Moves menu, it is possible to activate this function and associate applications with different letters. Specifically to the “c”, the “e”, the “m” and the “w”. After that, you just have to draw with the knuckle any of these letters to start the chosen application.


Split the screen

Another of the gestures available with the knuckles is to draw a horizontal line from side to side in the middle of the screen. This simple gesture displays the multiventana Huawei Mate 10. So you can access two applications at once on the screen. A gesture that saves time and steps. And, as usual, you have to make a gesture on the sensor and select the multi-window function. Then you can choose the second application to display at the same time. The task that is trimmed with a single slip with the knuckle.