A new problem has been found in a Google phone, although the Pixel 2 XL is the most problematic terminal of all the top of the range that has been released this year, the Pixel 2 follows closely but with less serious failures, being the last one found linked to your Google Assistant.

The problem is that when opening the assistant the microphone is muted when a Bluetooth headset is used, which does not allow using the artificial intelligence of the assistant wirelessly, and especially a problem for users who tend to use the assistant inside a vehicle , which they see as they cannot look for any type of information or an address through a Bluetooth system, forcing the user to break the wireless link and take the terminal to do the search.


Unsurprisingly, affected users have begun to bombard the official Google forums demanding a solution, and although Pixel 2 was updated earlier this week, the problem is still present, and this means that it will have to wait for the next update that will arrive in a couple of weeks. Luckily, this problem is software, so with a simple modification of the firmware this problem will be corrected and will be a thing of the past.