The network of Lightning Network in the main blockade of bitcoin has reached more than 500 knots, and the number of channels has exceeded 1500. There are more nodes with LN support already running on the test network than the current BCash blocking machine.

These figures, 566 nodes in the  main network  and 1,720 nodes of the  test network,  demonstrate an increase in the number of users supporting Lightning, despite the problems associated with security payments in real bitcoins.

Bitcoinist reported last month that some members of the community noted that it is not worth making transactions on the main network using LN, since bugs and other security issues can lead to the loss of bitcoins.

Andreas Antonopoulos assumes that large exchanges and wallets platforms, such as Coinbase, will not launch, Lightning because the technology fundamentally contradicts their AML / KYC compliance obligations, although in the long term Lightning will rather promote compliance with them than to discourage him.

However, not everyone is so skeptical. Commenting on what he called the “truly amazing” growth rate, blogger Armin Van Bitcoin hoped that the upcoming SegWit implementation in Coinbase would enable Lightning’s transactions to become available to a wider audience.

After fixing the main bugs and risks to the security of user keys, LN is obviously waiting for a great future. The Lightning Network can be a way out of the situation to solve the problem of insufficient network capacity, which has been “terrorizing” the bitcoin community for several years and gives skeptics a solid ground for criticizing the reliability of bitcoin as a means of payment.

In the  article,  Ars Technica described LN as “a way out of the impasse” of insufficient network bandwidth.

“An increasing number of Bitcoon fans believe that Lightning is the future of the network. This year we will see if they are right, “the publication says.