If you have a Samsung Gear S3 Classic or Frontier you are in luck: the latest update of the smartwatch is underway with a lot of news.

It has been more than a year for its virtual gears, has been among us for more than 365 days giving the time to its users in addition to approaching them from applications to the management of the exercise. As a user of a Samsung Gear S3 Classic, I can say that it is one of the best smartwatches that exist. It is true that he spent time, never better said, but remains as young as the first day. Especially with the latest update.

We already knew that the Samsung Gear S3 would receive Tizen 3.0 along with news from the latest manufacturer’s wearables, the Gear S3 Sport and the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro, and now the time has come. That’s right, the Value Pack is on its way to your Samsung Gear S3. Ready to download?

Update for Samsung watches in the form of “value pack”


Not only is an update that improves the stability of the system and details as key as the autonomy, this ” value pack “, which is how Samsung qualifies the application, brings a lot of news from newer devices presented by the manufacturer. It is not something new since it also happened with the Gear S2when its superior brother went on sale.

We start by reading the heart rate in real time with health alerts and more accurate control of calorie consumption. It is very strange that a watch of the category of the Gear S3 did not have this already standard, but it is never too late to receive it.

From now on we can create contacts from the clock and also new events. In addition, we can edit them much more conveniently and access the lists created from the smartphone, being able to mark the elements of the clock. In short: better integration of smartwatch in the smartphone.


The interface of the Samsung Gear S3 also adapts to the style imposed by the new wearables of the brand, so we will have a closer way of accessing all the elements of the watch while it offers us its best face. In addition, we can manage the objects connected to Samsung Connect directly from the smartwatch. Not to mention that Tizen 3.0 brings in itself improvements to the device, as it is a better autonomy and a more stable system if possible.

The update for the Samsung Gear S3 is now available

Did you stay with long teeth for this “value pack”? You will not have to wait any longer: just go to your Samsung Gear app on your phone and enter the clock settings to update from there. Or you can do it from the clock settings menu: you only need to register it for active WiFi.