The connection of our phones to the computer is something less and less common, wireless data transfer and fast charging have caused us to use less each time. However, those who do use it are not exempt from problems. Today we are going to group the most common ones and detail their solutions.

1. I connect the mobile to the computer and I can not access it


This error is usually quite common. We connect our smartphone to the computer by cable and it does not detect the connection. This event can have many causes, but most likely it is one of the following:

  • Hardware problems: The cable may be defective, as may the ports of the computer or the telephone. Test with other devices and cables to rule out a problem of this type.
  • Configuration problems on the phone: For some versions of Android, for security reasons, you must manually activate the file transfer. Next, we will teach you how to do it.
  • Problems in the computer drivers: The computer recognizes the devices connected to it through some drivers. If these drivers are not adequate, we may experience connection problems.

Activating the MTP mode


How we have advanced you. For several years, Android requires the user to authorize the connection of data with the PPC.Normally when we connect the cable, a permanent notification will be generated.

If we click on that permanent connection, a list of options for our USB connection will open. If you are having problems, you may have selected the option that only provides charge to the phone. The correct configuration must be the “File transfer (MTP) mode.

Fixing the problem with the drivers


In the case of Windows, the first thing we will do is download a self-installation of the ADB drivers, available here . Once installed and having restarted the computer we should not have problems.

In the case of persist, we must enter the Control Panel-> Hardware and Sound-> Device Manager, search our mobile, click on the right mouse button and select the option “Update driver”. If it still does not work, we can also uninstall the existing driver and reinstall one automatically.

There are OS not compatible with MTP, with them it is necessary to use external applications

In the case of Mac OSX , make sure you have installed the Android File Transfer application, without it you will not be able to transfer files between your computer and your phone. This is because the Cupertino operating system does not natively support the MTP protocol, so it needs an external application to interact with Android.

With Linux, we enjoy, as in Windows, native support for the MTP protocol. However, you may have a connection problem that should be fixed by installing the ADB drivers. Installing them is very simple, you just have to write this command in the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

The transmission speed is very slow


Yes, it is and I am afraid that this is not an easy problem to solve. The MTP protocol, which we have mentioned so many times in the article, was introduced by Google seeking greater security for our files. Despite fulfilling this objective, the MTP protocol has also brought a series of disadvantages.

If you are going to transfer a large amount of data, it is better to use other alternatives

Slowness and instability are some of them, this protocol is considerably slower than the old mass storage. In addition, errors in the transmission occur with a greater frequency, so that transferring large amounts of information can become an ordeal.

Perhaps it is better to use the memory card reader of the computer, in case our phone has support for this type of storage. In the case of not having support for micro SD cards, we can use data transfer applications wirelessly like Airdroid.