If your Android does not let you do bad things with your network card, use a Raspberry Pi to do the evil things for you. Sonic Pi is a bridge to access the internet equipped with hacker tools.

Google wants to make good use of the software it includes on its devices. As manufacturers also want to make good use of the hardware they incorporate into their terminals. But who makes the law, makes the trap. The most rogue internet have found a way to go further, in terms of hacking, with Android.

Those who are not familiar with the world of hacking or do not know what a Raspberry Pi is, it is very likely that you do not understand many of the things in this article-tutorial. Otherwise, they will give you a terrible desire to move around from now to do that with your mobile.

The Sonic is an all-in-one to turn your Android into a hacking tool


The Sonic, not the blue hedgehog, the developer after this discovery, has managed to become Marcus Holloway (main character of Watch Dogs 2) thanks to the help of a Raspberry Pi. Undoubtedly, this small motherboard gives a lot to talk about and the versatility that it has surprises many times. The things I’ve done with a Raspberry Pi, from an IPS to a Samba server.

The ‘trick’ is that the Raspberry Pi will serve as an intermediate AP (Access Point) between the internet and your smartphone. In this way, you can perform actions in the networks that surround you. That is, there will be two links: Mobile-Raspberry and Raspberry-Internet. If the Raspberry Pi has to be connected to two links, this means that it needs two network interfaces. So either uses a Raspberry Pi 3 (equipped with WiFi) or you will have to buy two WiFi adapters for a previous model.

An adaptation of Kali Linux for the Raspberry Pi, this is Sonic

Sonic Pi is the program that will be installed on the Raspberry Pi and is based on the famous Kali Linux distro. For those who do not know, is a distribution of Linux, which has a large number of hacking tools. A hacker suite in an operating system. So much of their tools adapted for the Raspberry Pi and ready to be used remotely.

Yes, I say remotely because who does all the work and runs the tools is the Raspberry Pi, our smartphone connects to it through a link and you have a web application to control it. So, your Raspberry Pi acts as an AP (WiFi Router) and offers a WiFi network for you to connect with your smartphone. So you can access through a certain IP in the browser to the Pi software and also surf the Internet if with the Pi you connect to your Wi-Fi network, for example (or to another …).

Its creator recommends that we use a good external battery to use it outside the home, which is part of the ‘fun’ of this Sonic Pi. Although it can also be used at home connected to a charger to a plug. But in my opinion, I would lose a little.