As you read: Namco Bandai has finally decided to take smartphones one of his star toys, the Tamagotchi. Get ready to take care of yours on your Android.

We have several games inspired by the Tamagotchi , with the Pou as the greatest exponent. This game takes years in the top of mobile applications and is one of the exponents in this type of simulators, that of pets. There is no doubt that Pou was inspired by the Tamagotchi , so it is strange that the brand did not decide to take a game with everything that is expected of that virtual pet. 2018 will be the key year.

It is not the only Tamagotchi since Bandai Namco has the classic version in the Play Store since April 2005, but the new version that comes is totally adapted to the new times. 3D graphics, adorable pets, well detailed and with as attractive options as the use of augmented reality to take pictures of the pet. Do you like the idea? Will we have to wait a few months?

My Tamagotchi Forever will hit Android in 2018

It is an announcement a few months in advance, it seems that the trend among the great games is to maintain the expectation or “hype”. Namco Bandai has opened the web where to register to know more information about the game and also offers a very curious draw:  serve as inspiration for one of the characters that will come included.

This new version of the virtual Tamagotchi will come updated in graphics and aesthetics, although it will maintain the essence: take care of a virtual pet. Feed him, entertain the pet, wash it, clean the poop … And keep it from dying. How many times did your Tamagotchi die? Mine was so much in the grave that it could appear in a Resident Evil. And not as a protagonist …

We do not know much more, but we can intuit that it will be a free game with purchases integrated into the application. Surely with the idea of buying clothes for the Tamagotchi or to lighten the times of sleep or cleaning, for example. We will have to wait until 2018.

What are alternatives there now to the Tamagotchi that we will see in the future?


Ok, you’re attracted to the idea of playing with this new virtual pet, but you do not feel like waiting. What are the options in the Google Play Store? We have already talked about a couple of them, we will give another one.


It is a classic that can not be ignored: Pou is, perhaps, the best adaptation of the classic Tamagotchi . The developer has been adding many improvements and mini-games, so you will not recognize it if you install it again.

Tamagotchi Classic

The mobile adaptation of the toy with the virtual pet. It is a very good game, although it has a cost: 0.76 euros . A ridiculous cost for all the nostalgia that is capable of awakening.

My Virtual Dog

Better graphics than his opponents and a pet that everyone knows: a dog. He also talks, so you can make him repeat everything you say. Like My Talking Tom.