Xapo is one of the most popular and trusted online purses . If you are familiar with electronic payment processors like PayPal, you will see that their functions and characteristics are very similar. It basically serves to send, receive, buy and store Bitcoins .

When you create an Xapo account they give you a purse and a vault. The purse is designed to perform daily transactions and the vault to save funds more securely offline.

Verification of Xapo account

In order for the Xapo account to be fully operational, an easy verification process must be followed. When you sign up, it asks for an email and your personal information. Then you will receive the confirmation email to verify your email and complete the activation of the account.

Finally you have to verify the phone number. You have to start the session (login) in xapo.com and enter the wallet (Personal Wallet). Clicking on any of the three red buttons (Send, My address or Transfer) will leave a message requesting your phone number. Then you will receive an SMS without any cost with the verification code that you are requested.

Once this is done you can download the Xapo app on your mobile and when they ask for the code you have it in the application instead of receiving a text message.

Operating  basic Xapo

The operation of Xapo is quite easy and intuitive. In your account you have the Bitcoin wallet and the vault, plus two additional purses in euros and dollars. You have the option to create a new purse if you are interested in having more than one.

Xapo, purse and Bitcoin vault

The vault, symbolized by a safe, is an offline storage system and serves to store your Bitcoins more securely . Keep in mind that if you want to extract your wallet from the vault, the process takes up to 48 hours.

For day-to-day operations, what you are interested in is the purse. Here you find your Bitcoin address, which allows you to receive payments. The Bitcoin addresses in Xapo are dynamic, this means that every time you receive funds in a given address a new one is generated. Any address generated previously, including the original, can receive payments and is connected to your personal wallet.

Xapo, purse and Bitcoin vault

 Xapo Debit Card

One of Xapo’s strengths is that you can order a debit card associated with your Bitcoin wallet . This makes it possible to pay with the cryptocurrency in any store or establishment that accepts cards. The card is sent to several countries that you can consult here .

Rate and commissions

Sending and receiving Bitcoins to any other Xapo address is free regardless of the amount (minimum amount: 55 bits = 0.000055 Bitcoin = 5500 satoshis).

Shipping to a non-Xapo address has a fixed commission that varies depending on the value of the Bitcoin . Reception from a non-Xapo address has a commission for very small amounts.

For more detailed information about the fees charged visit the following link:

If you want to buy Bitcoins the commission is 1% . There may be an additional commission depending on the payment method you select.

Lastly, the rates and commissions of the Xapo debit card are the following:

Xapo Faucets

To start filling satoshis your wallet as soon as possible you can enter the following Xapo faucets. They all pay directly and instantly . Unlike other taps, these do not need the alphanumeric Bitcoin address or a minimum to charge. Simply write the email, solve the captcha, press the button and you will receive your satoshis at the moment .


Wait time.
Commission by referrals.

Moonbit 5 minutes or more  Up to 300% bonus  fifty%

Nuclear Bit 5 minutes  30/150/200/300/400/500/1000  10%

Faucet Latino 25 minutes  50/100/200/300/400/500  12%

Free Bitcoin Daily 25 minutes  50-500  12%

Coffee Faucet 30 minutes  70/150/200/300/400/500/1000  10%

SatoshiNinja 30 minutes  50/100/200/300/400/500/600/700/800  fifteen%

Bitcoin tap 30 minutes  50/100/200/300/400/500/600/700/800  fifteen%

Movilbits 40 minutes  50/100/200/300/400/500  fifteen%

GanaBitsDiaries 50 minutes  50-800  fifteen%

Xapo tap 50 minutes  50-500  fifteen%

Satoshilandia 60 minutes  50/100/200/300/400/500  fifteen%

FacilBits 60 minutes  50-2000  fifteen%

Satoshitos 60 minutes  50/100/200/300/400/500  fifteen%